Virginia Beach Holistic Clinic

Our Mission

Holistic care for the entire family at Virginia Beach Holistic Clinic with Dr. Tina DeGiorgio! Our Mission is always to serve. We are grateful that we have the education, knowledge, talent and ability to educate and serve the people. We want you, as an individual, to learn to create in yourself, a feeling of wellness and balance.

There is a different way to achieve optimum health through the use of non-invasive healing methods. My goal is to help you attain wellness, relieve stress and reach whole body balance. You don't need to suffer from back pain, headaches or symptoms related to car accidents. Please contact me or my staff and let us help you, be your physical and mental best through the use of proven, safe and effective natural methods.


Spinal maintenance is not expensive, but spinal neglect is.


Holistic (definition) - the conception of man (woman) as a functioning whole. Keeping in mind the physical is part of a trinity - Body, Mind and Spirit.

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